A move down the line to Mitcham

Finefair has the knowledge to help people find the most impressive options for property investment Merton can offer. We look across the Borough, taking into account popular areas as well as the local amenities. With full support and the right advice, investors can make the best choice.

The majority of people in London will appreciate that moving a few stops further out of the centre of the city can provide big rewards. The move may mean money can go further and the homes tend to get larger. There are plenty of spots that prove to be popular for this exact reason. A great example is people relocating from Balham or even Clapham to Mitcham.

New development

Mitcham is a location many commuters favour. Moving to the area can add a few minutes to the commute into London but the rewards are worth a little extra travel. The area has more affordable house prices and a larger stock of big family homes. There are also good schools and a lot of work is going on in the area to improve it.

In total almost half a billion pounds is being spent on improving Mitcham. Firstly two estates in the area are being regenerated, creating a thousand new homes. There will be units to suit various types of tenancy, from affordable rent to first time buyers and upsizers.

There are also plenty of older homes in the area, the majority dating from the 30s and 50s. Mitcham grew into a popular suburb as it industrialised, seeing fields become homes and industry. At one time there were all kinds of producers in the area, including fragrances, flour, dye, paint and electronics. All these businesses needed workers, resulting in high demands for housing.


If you are thinking about a move or buying a large family home as an investment, Mitcham ticks all of the boxes. Finefair is happy to help investors, sharing our knowledge and providing a reliable service. Our approach makes us one of the top teams when it comes to finding the best homes for property investment Merton has.

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