A landmark decision for infill development in Waltham Forest

Finefair is able to offer the most trustworthy block management Waltham Forest landlords can ask for. We have a lot of experience and also work throughout the whole Borough. Our focus is on ensuring that every area within an estate is properly maintained.

The shortage of land to build on in London gives more attention to tricky infill sites. With good designs these plots can be redeveloped. A landmark case in Waltham Forest supports using these tough spaces for new homes. The local council gave planning permission for two projects in the area; one in Leyton as well as a second in Leytonstone. The proposals for the sites are to create sustainable modern homes.

The London Mayor supports developing infill sites, especially when they are in locations with existing infrastructure. These projects can provide a lot of value and really benefit a local area. They also create homes that people want to live in.

A former factory

The Yard in Leyton was once a factory. It is no longer in use, leaving a Brownfield site ready for redevelopment. The proposals for the site will create three contemporary dwellings in a popular area.

A garage

The Leytonstone project is even more interesting. The site is currently a disused double garage on a row of terraced homes. The plan is to create a single storey one-bedroom home in place of the garages.

Compact developments have the potential to provide lots of new housing in the capital. Using the vacant land is a sensible approach and is better for the local area as well as the environment.

Properties on these sites may require specialist management to remain in the right condition. Finefair is confident we can arrange it, especially if it is an estate or block. We can organise all kinds of maintenance and also take care of managing tenancies too.

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