A bright future for Smithfield General Market

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Smithfield General Market

There are plenty of stunning buildings in Central London with a lot of history. Preserving them is very important and inspires a lot of passion in locals. This commitment is the reason many of them have avoided demolition. This is true for Smithfield General Market.

The building was built between 1879 and 1883, joining high profile Victorian neighbours like the Meat Market and Central Market. The original aim was to deal in fruit and veg but it ultimately also specialised in meat because of the very high demand in the city. It has an innovative design, sitting above a railway line so that it was easy to deliver livestock.

Possible demolition

The building is sadly vacant and has deteriorated over the years. It has a Grade II listing because of the incredible history and rare architectural elements, including the Phoenix columns made of wrought-iron. This was one of the reasons why plans to demolish it failed in 2008. A strong campaign to save the market also helped.

In 2014 there was a second proposal to redevelop the building. While this project would preserve the facade and some features, several others would disappear, including the dome. Again there was a strong campaign against the plans. Preservation won a second time.

Current plan

The great thing about the campaign to save the General Market was they proposed a viable alternative to the proposals. Instead of new offices the building will become the new home of the Museum of London in 2023. The project has backing from the Corporation of the City of London. It will be a fantastic future for the property and add a new tourist spot to the area.

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