A £22million investment in recycling in Hounslow

More and more people are looking at recycling and how they can help the environment. This is inspiring local councils in the UK to invest in new facilities. Hounslow made a great commitment with a £22million state of the art facility as well as new vehicles for the Borough. As a result streets in the area will be cleaner and the council can make money from the waste they collect.

The Materials Handling Facility is one of the best examples of property investment Hounslow has seen. On the site materials can be sorted and compressed, creating bales of plastics, card, metal, and other products. The bales are very pure due to the sorting, ensuring they have a high value.

Recycling vehicles

Locals will probably have seen the new vehicles driving around the Borough. They are modern and have separate areas for different materials. Powerful compactors crush the waste, ensuring they can carry a lot of materials. A single vehicle can visit around 750 homes per day.

Benefiting the Borough

The investment gives locals more confidence in recycling because they know the council will collect and sort items. The collection teams even help people, offering advice about how to sort materials properly. As a result everybody in the area can help to save resources.

The new operation created 150 jobs for the area. This includes the collection teams and people working the sorting machinery and vehicles at the facility.

The money the council makes from selling recycled materials to traders around the world can be reinvested in the local area. Therefore the operation does even more to benefit the people of Hounslow.

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