2030 plan approved by Bromley Council

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The Future Of Bromley

The necessary councillors have signed off on a framework which has been in the making for over 2 years. It features plans for thousands of new homes as a part of the Local Plan for the borough and also covers developments up to 2030.

The document agreed upon by the council informs developers of the plans. Things the council have looked at include schools with the potential for expansion. This is along with the transportation aims for the borough and supported new homes. This plan will help support the council in terms of rejected developments if decisions are appealed.

Development where it is needed

The hope is that the new plan will encourage development where people need it the most. While some have considered the housing numbers ambitious, this will help property levels meet the target for the borough.

Another thing to note is the focus on the number of affordable housing these building projects will create. This will be heavily encouraged on any development with over 11 homes for a target of 35%.

In fact, Bromley was not long ago named the second happiest place to live in terms of London Boroughs. As one of the mayor’s “opportunity areas”, the work should give way to an even brighter future for the borough.

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