The first 100% affordable plot in London

The London Mayor Sadiq Khan is expected to outlines plans in September that detail the greater role that City Hall will take in land decisions. The move could see more Brownfield land freed up for development as well as closer scrutiny on the number of affordable homes being created. Ultimately the aim is to ensure that 50% of properties on all new developments are affordable.

One development that is taking a huge step to create more accessible housing is Webbs Industrial Estate in Waltham Forest. The derelict light bulb and lampshade factory was one of the first plots of land purchased by City Hall when the current London Mayor came into power. It has now been revealed that the land has been released so it can be developed. In place of the factory will be 330 new homes; 100% of them will be affordable.

Catalyst was selected as the preferred bidder for the site. They will provide the new homes as well as creating a small park, a creative hub with artist studios, and new retail space. City Hall will use the profits from the sale of the land to invest in more affordable homes.

Waltham Forest remains a very popular Borough for all kinds of buyers and many renters too. The area has attractive prices that offer the potential of big savings over more central areas. These prices are growing rather quickly though as more people look at living in the area and drive up demand.

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