Work begins on permanent Deer Park School buildings in Richmond

Richmond Upon Thames is renowned for having some of the highest performing primary schools in the whole of the UK. This encourages a number of families to move to the area and results in high demand for places. Fortunately, new schools are planned to help deal with this.

Deer Park School is one of the newest. It opened in September 2015 at a temporary site at Richmond Adult Community College while arrangements for a permanent new building were finalised. Work has finally commenced on this part of the project at the future home of the school in nearby East Twickenham.

The new building is one of the most interesting examples of investment properties Richmond Upon Thames has to offer. The school is set to occupy the first and second floor of the new building. The ground floor will be the home of a new Lidl supermarket. This is quite an unusual idea but it makes the absolute most of the site.

The new school building will feature an array of facilities for students to enjoy. The classrooms will be modern, including specialist features for design and technology. There will be a large communal dining hall and external spaces such as a playground and games area for multiple sports.

Since opening in 2015 Deer Park School has grown substantially. When it finally moves to the new building in the 2019/2020 academic year there will be spaces for even more students. This could reach a maximum capacity of 420 by 2024.

The negotiation process for the Ryde House site in East Twickenham was very challenging. The site was owned by Lidl but was one of few suitable locations for a new school that would benefit the community. The owner had to work with the Education Funding Agency and Richmond Council to agree the deal. The project ultimately became a UK first for Lidl and the first time in the Borough that such a mixed used development has proceeded.

Finefair takes an interest in all kinds of investments, especially if they have the potential to benefit other investors in an area. Anyone considering the investment properties Richmond Upon Thames has to offer should consider the benefits of a new school. Homes nearby could see a big rise in demand in the future.

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