Permitted Developments Bexley

Making changes to a property can be very rewarding and improve the value of your assets. However, there are lots of rules to follow. You need to ensure you can actually make the changes or you could suffer big penalties. Finefair Ltd can offer some advice here. We work with lots of investors who want to improve their properties. We can provide useful info about the type of permitted developments Bexley allows and when you need planning permission.

What is a permitted development?

Permitted Developments BexleyThese rights are some of the most interesting pieces of legislature from the UK Government. They allow property owners to make a number of changes to properties without having to go through the process of getting planning permission. They can save you time and money, and also reduce the amount of admin it takes to do some projects.

However, there are a number of things to note here. Firstly the PDRs differ in several ways. For example you can do different things to detached properties than you can to terrace homes. Usually you have more freedom with the first because it is less likely your project will affect the neighbours. There are also different rules for commercial premises.

Secondly, there are a number of situations when the PDRs do not apply. While they come from the Government, local councils can remove the rights by using an Article 4 Direction. There are a number of these in Bexley, including limits on the creation of HMOs and change of use.

Limitations on developments

The Article 4 Directions are not the only things that can limit the permitted developments Bexley council allows. There are also things like conservation areas, listings and tree preservation orders (TPOs). These policies are in place to protect the heritage and biodiversity of the area.

ExtensionThere are 23 conservation areas across the London Borough of Bexley. Each of them has a management plan and rules to conserve them. As a result you will usually require planning permission to make any kind of change to a property.

You are also limited to what you can do to a property it if has a statutory or local listing to preserve it. So once again you tend to need planning permission for projects, especially if they involve extensions or demolition.

TPOs and rules to protect the biodiversity of the borough limit what people can do to some properties too. You will need permission for a project that will affect protected trees and habitats.

Ask us about permitted developments in Bexley

Finefair Ltd knows how lucrative some projects can be. Extensions, change of use, renovations, and conversions can all add a lot of value to assets. However, it is vital to weigh up all the costs. Plus, you also need to check your rights, planning policies, and building regulations. The last thing you want is to move forward with a project only to face a penalty or even have the council tell you to undo what you have done.

We recommend looking into the council’s rules before you do anything. You can even book a pre-planning meeting with them. It is a great way to consult with the local authority to see where you stand.

So, if you are thinking about the permitted developments Bexley allows, we would love to help. We can even offer useful services like property management and guaranteed rent. The latter can protect your rental income on various assets, including blocks, HMOs, and more.