Letting to Councils Wandsworth

Finefair Ltd has been offering top rated property services to its clients for many years. Each one has a different purpose to fulfil. One talent of ours is setting up arrangements with London’s local councils. This can potentially be a brilliant way for landlords to locate tenants and guarantee rental income. We have become one of the foremost resources for letting to councils Wandsworth has in particular. If you are thinking of working with your local council, you should speak to our team.

How does council leasing work?

Letting to Councils WandsworthThe reason why many people have not already chosen to work with the council is because they did not know they could. In truth, countless UK councils want property owners to partner up with. Several of these authorities have their own schemes. Their websites should contain more details about them. You can talk to our team members about them as well.

Most of the schemes you will come across will actually be rather similar. With the differences, they tend to relate to the amount of income you will gain and the properties the councils need. The length of the lease also differs. For example some councils wants large family homes they can manage for many years. Others think short to medium term.

With the scheme, the landlord tends to hand their building over to the local council. Once they have the property, the local authority can accommodate people from their housing lists. The landlord keeps ownership but does not decide who the tenants are.

What option should I choose?

Even for those who do know that council letting is an option, many are unsure whether this is better than private letting. The thing with investors is that they are all different. There are the hands on types and those who are more comfortable picking their own tenants. They might prefer to manage the property too. For them, private letting is better.

On the other hand, to get guarantees on rental income, letting to councils Wandsworth residents can count on is the better choice. You will also have to do less work here. This can be the right approach if you lack knowledge of the local market or are concerned about voids. Numerous individuals choose council leasing to gain a secure income for a time before eventually taking ownership of the building back. At this point, the landlord can make another arrangement or opt to sell.

Speak to us about letting to councils in Wandsworth

The team at Finefair Ltd works hard to be one of the leading companies in this industry. We do what we can for landlords who want to succeed in London. Additionally, we have strong relationships with the councils. We know what they want and we do our best to support them too. Our services are as beneficial to them as they are the landlords.

So, if you are currently considering working with the council, you should contact us. We already manage properties throughout London and have wonderful credentials as the top name for letting to councils Wandsworth has. You can discuss your requirements with us. We would be more than happy to help you make the most of your properties.