Letting to Councils Waltham Forest

Finefair Ltd has always wanted to be a dependable partner for property investors with a focus on London. There are various ways to do this. One of the best is aiding them in picking the correct method for leasing and letting their buildings. They need to decide whether they want to work with the local council or let privately. The former is beneficial for many reasons – you can find out more below. We are the most skilful establishment for letting to councils Waltham Forest has. So, if you need help or advice, you can come to us.

How does everything work?

Letting to councils Waltham ForestThe thing about council letting is that many people don’t know it is a real possibility. In many areas of the UK however, councils are looking for private property owners to team up with. A large number of these local authorities have their own schemes too. You can ask our team for more information about them or you can visit their websites.

Most of the schemes you will see are similar. What the differences normally are would be the lengths, the types of properties, and the income the landlord gains. With this kind of letting, the standard practice is the landlord handing over the property to their council. They can then use it for the people on their housing lists. The landlord is still going to be the owner but they won’t get a say in the tenancy.

Is this service really for me?

Many landlords have already let their properties privately before. But, this can be a difficult arrangement. They must take on a plethora of responsibilities with each tenancy. For example, they must collect rent, maintain everything, keep the properties safe for inhabiting, and find tenants.

guaranteed rentOne thing in particular that worries many private landlords is the void periods. These are times when there are no people in the building. If voids go on for a long time, you can expect to lose a lot of money. This is bad news for any landlord using rental income for expenses and to cover their mortgage.

Instead of letting privately, a landlord should consider working with their local council. We have a lot of experience here, standing out as the top team for letting to councils Waltham Forest has. Our goal is to offer services each client can trust. Such a partnership can help you to address issues like rent collection, property management, and void periods. At the same time, it can give you guarantees on your rental income.

Contact us for more help with letting to councils in Waltham Forest

Finefair Ltd has worked hard to establish working relationships with London’s councils. We start by finding out what properties they need and what terms they prefer. Next, we talk to property owners that contact us. We can aid them in deciding whether they want to work with the council. Ultimately our aim is to offer arrangements that benefit each side.

So, if you need assistance, you can speak to us and work with the most experienced team working in letting to councils Waltham Forest has. We will give you all the advice we can, including explaining your responsibilities and the council’s obligations. Whether you want a solution for the medium term or are thinking of working with the council for years, we can support you.