Letting to Councils Kingston upon Thames

Finefair Ltd has years of experience providing outstanding services to its clients. They need help in many different areas. For example, we can make arrangements with the local authorities for you. We do this because it is one of the best ways of assisting landlords. Working with councils makes it easier to find tenants. An agreement with a council can also provide guaranteed rent payments as well. Our establishment is one of the leading resources for letting to councils Kingston upon Thames has.

Letting options

Letting to Councils Kingston upon ThamesWith letting in general, there are two options. You can rent privately or work with the council. Investors without much experience may wonder if there are differences between the two. There are several. The most important distinction is that private landlords have much more responsibility. They need to deal with things like locating tenants and collecting rent. Furthermore, they have to ensure the tenancy agreements are correct. They must also see to it that the building is safe to live in.

When someone opts to lease with their local council, there isn’t as much responsibility. The council takes on a lot of the work the landlord would do otherwise. They shall find the tenants and manage the property. The landlord is still going to be the property owner. As such, they will still gain rental income every month.

Councils are always looking for properties

Many landlords are inexperienced with council letting because they don’t know it is an option. Councils are constantly trying to find property owners they can partner up with. Many of them have unique schemes in place. You can talk to the best team specialising in letting to councils Kingston upon Thames has if you want to know more.

The schemes have several similarities too. The differences tend to come in the form of what properties the council needs. Other differences include the length and the amount of rental money they pay you. Every scheme normally involves the landlord handing the building to the council. Afterwards, they are able to use it to house people on their housing lists. Even though you still have ownership, the council dictates who lives in the house.

Letting to councils in Kingston upon Thames with our help

Finefair Ltd has established excellent working relationships with London’s various local authorities. This has enabled us to gain a far better understanding of how leasing schemes function. Additionally, we know more about what kind of properties the councils are after.

So, if you are considering letting to councils, Kingston upon Thames landlords should contact us. We can provide advice and answer any queries you might have. The services we offer are available to those who live in other parts of London too.

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