Letting to Councils Islington

The team at Finefair Ltd is well aware of how tough it is for property owners to figure out how to manage their assets. Some wait for the market to improve and others sell as soon as they can. The trouble with waiting is that you must determine whether you want to keep your building empty or have tenants live inside. Letting is advantageous as you receive an income. You have two possibilities here too; working with the council or private letting. We frequently help clients with the first option as we are one of the top companies working in letting to councils Islington has.

If you are an investor, you are probably wondering what the difference between private and council letting is. To begin with, there is more responsibility present for private landlords. They need to do things like finding tenants, collecting rent, and ensuring that the structure is safe. Moreover, they must manage the property and see to it that all tenancy agreements are correct. Licensing could be another requirement to satisfy.

How does council leasing work?

Letting to Councils IslingtonLeasing with a local council is different however. There is not as much responsibility. A lot of it actually moves over to the councils. They are the ones who are going to be managing the property and locating suitable tenants. You will still be the owner of the building. Furthermore, you will gain a rental income every month without needing to do any work yourself.

The reason why many landlords and investors don’t let to councils is because they don’t know it is a possibility. All over the UK, councils are actually seeking out property owners they can team up with. Many of them have their own schemes. You can find more information about them from their websites or from us if you have assets in London. Our team can tell you all about letting to councils Islington residents can trust and more.

The schemes

Most of the schemes you will see will have many similarities. Normally, the differences come down to the variety of property the council needs, the income you receive, and the length of the lease. These depend on what the council’s need. Some are looking specifically for more larger family homes and are happy to offer longer leases.

Letting to councils in Islington with us

Finefair Ltd has managed to establish working relationships with local councils throughout London. We speak with them to understand what type of properties they need for local people. Afterwards, we will be able to offer advice to property owners that contact us. Our team will be able to help you make a decision on letting to councils Islington residents can rely on.

So, if you wish to speak to us, you can get in touch. We will provide you with the best possible services, adapting to your specific needs.