Letting to Councils Hounslow

At Finefair Ltd we support landlords and investors so they can find the right options for their assets. We appreciate that everyone has their own strategies in mind. Luckily, we can offer the widest array of services. These can include private lettings or working with local authorities. The latter can provide some interesting benefits. If you are looking at letting to councils, Hounslow has nobody better to speak to than us.

Is it even an option?

Letting to Councils HounslowMany people don’t even know that they can have the option to work with the local council. However, most councils in England are looking for partnerships with private landlords. They do this so they can get access to more properties and boost their supplies of social housing. In turn it can help them to provide homes for people on their housing lists.

The schemes can be really interesting. They are a way for property owners to make a set income for a specific period of time without having to take up the responsibilities of being the landlord. You don’t lose ownership of the property at any point and can get assurances on occupancy and your rental income. For many people, it is the safest, most secure option.

Should you choose it?

Letting to councils, whether in Hounslow or elsewhere, is not for everyone. You should ensure you are clear on what the schemes will involve. One thing that some people don’t like is they lose the ability to decide what tenants will live in the property. The council will take this responsibility and will place someone from their waiting list in the home. However, the advantage is you don’t need to worry about finding tenants yourself. You are also not at risk of voids and missing rental payments. The council will pay you each month without fail for the whole scheme.

A negative of being a private landlord is you have to deal with responsibilities like maintaining the property and trusting your tenants to look after it. With council letting you get a smaller workload and more protection. The local authority should take care of the maintenance and management. You should have an agreement that they will return the property to you in the same condition as when they first took it. That means they should repair any damage that is beyond fair wear and tear.

The decision will naturally come down to whether you want to be involved with the tenancy and managing the property. If you want to, you are better with private letting. However, if you want a guarantee on your rent, a smaller workload, and smaller costs, council letting is a good option.

Choosing letting to councils in Hounslow

Finefair Ltd works hard to offer the best services we can. Our goal is to ensure that we give landlords the widest choice when it comes to deciding what to do with their assets. This way we can arrange the right solution for everyone. It also means we can offer flexibility, making it easy to change your strategy if you need to.

So, if you want more info or want to go ahead with a service, remember we are the top name for letting to councils Hounslow has. We can give you access to some great resources and assurances. Just speak to us today if you have any questions.