Letting to Councils Enfield

The team at Finefair Ltd has always taken pride in our ability to provide practical services for our clients. We also work with the local councils when the situation calls for it. This can make it far easier for landlords to locate tenants and ensure they get rent. We are widely considered to be one of the top businesses working in letting to councils Enfield has. Anyone with an interest in this service should know you can speak to us if you need any help.

This is how things work

Letting to Councils EnfieldIf you have never had a look at council letting before, chances are that you are unaware of the finer details. In locations all across the UK, councils are searching for property owners they can work with. Many of them have their own schemes to find the properties they need.

The majority of schemes will be similar in many respects. The differences tend to revolve around the type of property, the lengths, and the income you gain. Every scheme shall normally consist of the landlord handing over their property to the council. This allows them to use it as social housing. Landlords still own the building, no matter how long the scheme is. However, they won’t decide what tenants reside in the property. If you are interested in letting to councils, Enfield clients should contact us.

Maybe private letting is not the best way

What usually happens is that landlords let their properties to private tenants. This can prove to be difficult though. A landlord will have a myriad of responsibilities here when it comes to their properties. For one thing, the structure has to be safe. Tenants need to be able to legally reside in them too. Not to mention, they landlord must meet the requirements of their local councils. There is also the matter of maintaining the assets and collecting rent.

guaranteed rentOverall, everything that goes into private letting can be too much for some people. They may opt to work with an agent to ease the workload. Some even choose to leave properties empty.

Something landlords worry about more than anything else is the void periods. This is where they don’t have any tenants. The longer they go on for, the more money they lose. You won’t want voids when you rely on rent money to pay a mortgage and other expenses.

Instead of letting privately, landlords should think about doing business with their local council. If they make an arrangement with them, they won’t have to worry about details like property management, rent collection, or void periods. They also get a guarantee on their rent for the whole scheme.

Understanding letting to councils in Enfield

Finefair Ltd has been working hard to establish strong relationships with local councils all over London. We start by gaining a better understanding of the properties they are looking for as well as the terms. We can then advise property owners that come seeking our help. In the end, we help them to determine whether an agreement with the council is the right choice for them.

If you want assistance from the smartest establishment working with letting to councils Enfield has, please let us know. We can give you plenty of info and go over any concerns you may have.