Letting to Councils Croydon

Finefair Ltd has always made it our goal to be the best possible source of assistance to property investors. Our focus is on London and its various boroughs due to the huge potential that exists here. To help, we offer advice on what the ideal way would be to let properties. In many cases, we suggest that clients consider an alternative to the private market. After-all, we are the leading resource for letting to councils Croydon has. We recommend this route because it can offer various advantages.

What are the benefits?

Letting to Councils CroydonLetting your assets to the council is one of the most beneficial moves a person can make. First and foremost, income and tenants are easier to obtain. The thing about most schemes is that councils ensure you receive your rent each month. When you let privately, guarantees like this are few and far between.

The councils in the UK all have some variety of social housing waiting lists. Due to this, they can get someone into houses swiftly. Afterwards, should a tenant choose to leave, a council can find someone else to take their place. In other words, there is little to worry about in terms of void periods. It won’t be your concern either since local authorities should be paying you whether or not the property is empty. Letting to councils in Croydon and other parts of London is definitely something you should consider.

There is another benefit to working with the councils too. When you team up with them, there’s no need to concern yourself with maintaining the structure. This can be a big advantage to landlords. The councils will have the responsibility for repairs and general upkeep. This saves the owner money.

It is easy to start up

Letting To CouncilsAs for how these arrangements work, it is actually quite simple. There may be some slight differences between councils, but most schemes are going to be similar. You must agree to a set amount of time you wish to hand over your property to the council for. This period of time can be a few years or just one. There is nothing else to do other than receive your rent each month. At the end of the scheme you get your property back in its original condition.

Letting to councils in Croydon

Finefair Ltd has a successful history of assisting landlords and local authorities with their property needs. We work to make sure that both parties gain the most from the arrangements. At the same time, we can even help the tenants.

If you are considering letting to councils, Croydon landlords have nobody better to speak to. Please contact our team for advice; we will be able to give you all the info you require. In addition, we provide clients with plenty of other services. Some of them may also interest you.