Letting to councils Barking and Dagenham

At Finefair Ltd we work to give landlords access to a whole range of great services. This includes help with managing and maintaining properties. However, where we really excel is arranging an alternative to private lettings. There is a great opportunity if you work with the local authority. We help clients to explore this, giving them the assistance of the top team for letting to councils Barking and Dagenham has.

An opportunity

Letting to councils Barking and DagenhamLocal authorities across the UK are in constant search of properties they can use for social housing. Many of them struggle to keep up with demand and have long waiting lists for homes. In many cases people have to wait years before a suitable property is available. The issue is even worse in some parts of London where high house prices and rents make it even harder for people.

While this is a terrible situation, it does present an opportunity for property owners. They could choose to let the local council house these tenants in their properties. It is an option definitely worth considering because the rewards are quite attractive.

The benefits

The main benefit here is that letting to the councils will provide some really useful guarantees. Firstly, for the whole duration of the scheme, you will have guaranteed rent. The council will pay this every month without fail for as long as they are using your property. This is a great comfort to any landlord who has concerns about disruptions to cash flows or periods where they may not have any tenants.

Council leasingSecondly, the council takes responsibility for looking after the property. The scheme will begin with an inventory to get an idea of the current condition. Then, the council will commit to returning it to you in the same state in the future. That means you don’t have to accept the risk that the tenants may cause damage.

A final benefit here is that you will be giving your property to the council to house some of the people who are most in need. This can include families and people currently living in temporary accommodation. Your property could become their home.

Letting to councils in Barking and Dagenham

Finefair Ltd is a team with a huge amount of experience in this area. We have built relationships with local authorities all across London, including almost every Borough Council. Our aim here is to get to know their needs so we can help them to find the right kinds of properties for the people on their social housing lists. We can then give this information to our clients.

What we do is help property owners to choose a scheme that works for them. It could be for a few years or the long term to suit their needs. Either way, we give them the support they need.

So, if you are thinking about letting to councils, Barking and Dagenham landlords have nobody better to speak to. We can answer questions, talk about the benefits, go over the responsibilities, and do much more. All you need to do is contact us.