Council Leasing Bexley

Bexley – we’ve got it covered.

J Schwartz / Stamford Hill (30 properties with Finefair)

“Finefair provide a wonderful and hassle-free service. They are extremely professional and reliable, with a very helpful team. We highly recommend this agent to all landlords”

C Hart / Croydon (2 properties with Finefair)

“Great company, can't recommend them highly enough! My property was let quickly and extremely efficiently. A great option if you're considering renting out your property and looking for peace of mind with guaranteed rent.”

S. Kettlewell / Redbridge (1 property with Finefair)

“I am so glad I decided to go with Finefair. I had just recently inherited a house and didn't think it was best to sell it. Finefair's guaranteed rent scheme meant that I didn't have to lift a finger but still receive regular payments! Thanks to the team for helping me out, I couldn't be happier with the service. Friendly, organised and reliable”.

A. Giodmania / Plaistow (5 properties with Finefair)

“Wow, where to begin? Working with Finefair has truly been a breath of fresh air. It is really hard to fault their service, especially when you consider that the majority of their competition tend to treat you like just a number. I feel that in Finefair I have gained a real partner and this provides me true peace of mind.”