Property management that protects your investment

The last 12 months have seen a staggering 20% increase in London property prices. In contrast the prices in the world of rental have only risen by 4 to 5%. This has resulted in an inevitably higher demand for rental accommodation rather than the pursuit of new property purchase.

This has meant that London residents in possession of investment properties were in a prime position to make a return by holding onto their properties. As they increase in value they become extremely lucrative assets, as investors and potential landlords can take advantage of our guaranteed rent and property management scheme, which is available in Hammersmith and Fulham, Westminster, Islington and the rest of the capital.

A successful rental property is dependent on a number of things, and the first and most valuable step is securing the most suitable tenants for your property. This can be a challenge to pursue alone, as without the relevant experience it can unfortunately be all too easy to end up with the wrong kind of individual. With our comprehensive property management, we can effectively takes on every responsibility of being a professional landlord. The time consuming and sometimes stressful duties are eliminated from your schedule and workload and your rental payments can be regularly sent to your bank account by us.

We are of course living through challenging economic times, but the truth is property in London is widely regarded to be one of the most assured and safest investments worldwide. There is very little likelihood of depreciation, so investors need not rush to sell quickly with a view to short term gain as this can result in detrimental long term loss. Appropriate and professional property management is designed to ensure you make the very best return possible.