Maximum returns and expert management

The frequent reports in the news about London property prices being on the rise reflects what we have always known. This is that investing in and owning properties in our capital city represents one of the most assured means of financial returns possible. Our company is dedicated to delivering the highest possible levels of returns possible through providing guaranteed rent, property management, council leasing services and more for properties in Barking and Dagenham, Westminster, Islington and all other areas of the capital and throughout the UK. As the most trusted property management service provider in the capital, we are the first choice for those looking to sell or buy property or to ensure that world class management services are in place for their existing portfolio.

London, as we all know, enjoys a reputation for being the business capital of the world. Companies from across the planet want to make sure that they have an office operating in London. This means many people need to live and work in our capital, with the demand for property usually being far higher than the supply. Those who have property that they can make available to lease or rent are in a position to make substantial financial returns from doing so – as long as they have expert property management services in place. This is exactly what we deliver to all of our valued clients.

Every aspect of our service is set up to ensure that property owners can get the maximum returns possible. Our guaranteed rent system means that you start earning income within a day or two of entering into an agreement with us. You are also assured of receiving this income whether your property is occupied or not. Our relationship with the London Borough councils – one that sees us named as the preferred supplier to the local authorities – enables us to offer this unrivalled benefit. We also present our services with 0% commission being applicable and with no standard management fees being charged. We operate in a way which allows us to give as much as we can to you instead of looking at what we can charge you for.

The beneficial financial position you reach from our guaranteed rent agreements is complemented by our giving the very best in property management services. We offer complete and comprehensive management of your property, conducting frequent and thorough inspections and handling maintenance issues which arise as a consequence. With us you always have the assurance that your value is being maintained in the high value condition you would expect to be in place.