Get great returns with guaranteed rent

It seems that every month we see news which reinforces just how profitable London investment properties can be. Information released by the Land Registry recently shows that the value of property in London has increased, on average, by over £12,000 in August alone. As one of the most sought-after cities in the world, London is a place where property is always highly in demand.

For those who own property in the capital, or who are looking to invest, we are the leading name for both representing the greatest investment properties for sale in the city and offering the most successful property management services. From Bexley to Merton to Enfield to Hillingdon, we cover the whole of the capital and are also able to manage properties across the UK.

London has for a long time been regarded as the most secure place in the world to make substantial returns on property investments. The increase in people investing in Buy To Let properties over the last few years has only seen the success levels rise. With London constantly evolving and becoming all the more prominent in global terms, there is no shortage of demand for living and working space in the city. Our services are geared towards ensuring that property owners and investors gain the maximum benefit possible from this, ensuring you get the best level of return on investment possible.

Our outstanding name and reputation was built on our pioneering work in guaranteed rent services. Across London we are known for delivering the highest financial returns possible for owners with guaranteed rent. We’re the preferred service providers for many local authorities throughout London, which means we can offer the most beneficial form of guaranteed rent. Not only do we provide rental payments whether or not your property is occupied, we also deliver our service with 0% commission charges and no standard management fees. Our services are structured to place property owners in the prime position to maximise their financial returns on their portfolio.

We pride ourselves on offering a world class standard of property management. We provide extensive, round the clock services to ensure your property is kept and maintained in the high condition you expect, and of course handle all bills, accounts and other matters associated with the upkeep of a property. Our services make it so that your only involvement with your property is to simply enjoy and appreciate the returns it generates for you monthly. We are the number one choice for London property owners who want maximum returns from minimal involvement.