The up and coming areas of London

It is an undeniable fact that London recovered at a swifter rate than anywhere else after the financial crash. If you are looking for a property investment in the capital, then any professional would advise you to narrow your search to one area. Conducting a thorough search for investment property in London would be entirely impractical and time consuming.

We are London’s premium property company and our knowledge extends to the entire city, including areas such as Barnet, Greenwich, Sutton and Havering. Our ten years as property leaders means we are equipped with every skill and capability to locate the finest properties and the most appealing options. When you invest in property to let we are aware that your central aim is to strive towards capital gain and guarantee a maximum return on your investment.

The Financial Times recently published an article that discussed presently affordable areas. The list included Lewisham, Tower Hamlets, Ealing and Barnet and currently their house prices show no signs of rising. Many areas that have traditionally been perceived as the less desirable parts of London, such as Peckham and Hackney, are experiencing a significant alteration in identity due to the artistic and alternative groups that have transferred there. The simple fact is that many people have been priced out of Central London and the prediction is that in as little as five years’ time, these districts will be viewed as cultural hubs with an interesting and bohemian edge and that house prices will soar. At the present time, properties can still be purchased at reasonable prices which denotes a staggering amount of potential for property investors and developers.

If you are an experienced developer with a healthy portfolio, you will be all too aware of the fact that the best areas to live in London are subject to annual fluctuation. Whether you are very experienced or a first time investor, we can help you to expand your existing portfolio or take that first step onto the ladder. Our comprehensive service covers every element and insures you are fully informed of the potential future investment opportunities of every area along with all relevant price predictions.

When you consider property investment you need to consider the future. None of us can ever fully predict what is going to happen, but with regard to the intricacies of the market you can place yourself in no finer hands than ours. We have always been dedicated to finding the properties that really work for every individual investor, landlord and developer.