Consultancy Services

We operate a full range of strategic and operational support for Local Authorities, ALMOS and Housing Associations particularly in the fields of business change and improvement. More than anything Finefair offers high-tuned responsiveness, a personalised approach and fresh innovative thinking.

The success of our consultancy services are based on by being agile and customer focused. This means paying attention to your needs, being available when you need it and by creating a tailor made solution for you.

Areas of specialist consultancy services include:

Business Planning.
  • Translating complex organisational goals into deliverable actions.
  • End to end management of the process.
  • Facilitating sessions with the top team.
  • Risk planning and analysis.
  • Resource planning.
Customer Strategies & Resident Engagement
  • Developing better relationships with customers.
  • Deliver greater customer value.
  • Developing a Customer Relationship Management strategy.
  • Mapping the customer journey.
  • Creating and managing customer segments.
  • Creating specific customer service offerings.
Continuous Improvement & Inspection
  • Analysing, planning and managing your improvement programme.
  • Quality Management.
  • Business process re-engineering.
  • Managing Change.
  • Inspection preparation and management.
Project Management & Evaluation
  • Programme and project management.
  • Organisation-wide resource management.
Housing Stock Condition Surveys

Finefair conducts surveys of the condition of housing stock for various authorities. Data is collected by the surveyors for statistical research and strategic purposes. It’s most often used by the Council to address underlying issues within the local community and economy, for example to measure energy rating levels or planned works investment capital requirements. All information is strictly confidential.

Due to the large number of dwellings in most councils, typically a random sample of 2,000 properties representative of all housing types and building locations forms part of the survey to gain an overall picture of the housing conditions within the borough.

We have substantial experience of Stock Condition Surveys across London and directly employ a qualified team to undertake such projects;

In summary, the main objectives of surveys include:

  • The Council is under a statutory duty to regularly review housing conditions and every five years, this is considered to be an acceptable cycle to review this type of information.
  • The findings from stock condition surveys will enable the Council to build on the ongoing review of its housing strategies and policies and incorporate them into the wider Government agenda, for example, for providing affordable housing in areas of need or dealing with housing inequality and poor health.
  • The Council is able to report progress against the reported findings of the previous house condition survey.
  • The findings of the energy survey will enable the Council to review its strategy for meeting the requirements of the Home Energy Conservation Act 1995 (HECA).

It enables the Council to identify areas of improvement including areas requiring general improvement in the condition of the stock i.e. increases in SAP ratings, lower repair costs for the future, allowing comparisons to the national and regional levels that exist at this present time, and identifies level of capital investment) to maintain the overall stock condition of the councils portfolio.