Care & Support Services

Welcome to Finefair’s care and support services. Please see in the following section services provided under our care and support provision. Finefair is committed to providing high quality support services to vulnerable young people and adults in suitable, safe and affordable accommodation. We continuously develop our services to exceed expectations in order to provide the highest quality of care and compassion for each of our service users leading to a quality life and independence.

Youth services are provided through Finefair, whilst our Adult Care and Support services are provided by our sister company, Finefutures (

16+ Services
Finefair Care and Support Services aim is to assist and support young people who has been Looked After and who becomes a Care Leaver under the Leaving Care Act. A Pathway Plan is drawn up in partnership with each young person. This plan will include information relating to Housing, Education, Training and Employment, Health, including Sexual Health, Finance and Independent Living Skills.

Our priority is to ensure that every young person receiving a service from us has the opportunity of reaching their full potential through engaging in appropriate education, training or employment.

Subject to risk assessments, Finefair accommodate’s young people:

  • Who are in crisis.
  • Who have emotional, social and behavioural difficulties as a result of past emotional/physical trauma.
  • Who have been assessed as having a Learning Disability/Mental Health issues.
  • Who are affected by gang violence & known to the local Youth Offending Service’s, or are need of accommodation following release from Young offenders institute.
  • Who have history of self-harm, sexual exploitation, absconding, antisocial or persistent offending behaviour and may be involved in or affected by gang activities.
  • With drug and alcohol issues.
  • Who require a high staff ratio.
  • Teenage Parents who require accommodation in order for the Children & Families Service to carry out a ‘community’ based assessment.
18+ Service
We aim to provide a minimum six months intensive outreach support to young people who reach the age of 18+ and find the transition period between adolescence and adulthood difficult for various reasons. Due to this we provide young people ample time and support to make positive decisions, build relationships and prepare for leaving care, which means good transitions for young people using our services.

Our aim is to lessen the anxieties and pressures young can face by providing a consistent, reliable, secure, and efficient service in an advisory, residential capacity for a fixed term.

Through our relationships we are able to guarantee you:

  • A continued pipeline of available accommodation, i.e. if a young person needs to move to another part of London due to gang related activities
  • Self-Contained or Shared accommodation eligible for housing benefit if the young person is 18 and over.
  • Flexible support packages depending on the need of the young person.
  • Experienced staff ensuring the best service for young people, that is consistent and evidence based.
  • Achieve positive outcomes for every service user.

We believe that it is essential for a young person to feel comfortable and at home within their surroundings. In order to facilitate the settling in process and avoid any feelings of displacement that the young person may experience when moving into a new home and area we ensure they take advantage of all their local amenities.

Mother & Baby Services
At Finefair we provide accommodation and support for young mums aged 16+. We work together with young mums to ensure all their support needs and requirements are met, and assist in planning and getting prepared for being a young mother. We provide experienced and qualified support staff, 24 hours, 7 days a week, in the warm, safe, secure and friendly family atmosphere, with modern and suitable accommodation.

Our experienced and friendly team are dedicated to building supportive relationships with parents based on trust and honesty; we ensure we meet their needs and those of their child by monitoring and discussing their progress. We are dedicated to building relationships with parents and supporting them to meet the needs of their babies. We believe in creating positive outcomes by giving parents the support and abilities they need to nurture and care for their child.

We will monitor and record how they are looking after themselves at providing a supportive, stable and structured environment for their baby. Our staff works with young mothers with a view of achieving positive outcomes and becoming a positive parent. We work with each parent to ensure their needs, and those of their children, are met. Identifying their strengths and abilities we support them with the following;

From our experience, evidence suggests that a dedicated transition worker can have a positive impact in most care settings, therefore each service user will have a named contact within both children’s and adult services.

Finefair has a unique approach as we cater for both young and adult service users; therefore all transitions are seamless as this is executed internally with familiar workers and surrounding.

Finefair through its vast housing supply channels provides self- contained, shared and stand-alone accommodations with optional 24hr cover, assuring a safe environment for our young mothers. Our aim is to enable these young mothers to become more self – sufficient and independent and with this in mind we also provide ‘move on’ flats as a transition from our high support units which gives them more independence while still providing appropriate support and monitoring at 18+.

For Adult Care Services please visit our CQC registered organisation