Property Management London

Working with landlords and investors for over 15 years.

Managing a portfolio of properties can be very tricky, but Finefair is here to help. We are the most flexible provider of property management London has, able to take care of houses, apartments, entire blocks, and full estates. Our goal is to provide the best services for Landlords and Investors. We are even the preferred supplier of many Local Authorities, giving you even more reason to trust us. Our services are available all across the capital.

We offer hassle free property management, taking care of any property, regardless of size. Here is why so many people choose Finefair to manage their properties…

We manage properties 365 days per year, catering for tenanted or void homes.

As part of the management service we give you access to a 24/7 maintenance team, so you and your tenants have all the help they need.

Property Management combines perfectly with our Guaranteed Rent, meaning 0% Commission and no monthly management fees… Zero, Zip, zilch, nada.

Our service can start immediately - we can take over from existing services or get you started with a new service right away.

How it works

It's all pretty simple…

Flexible Leasing for 1 - 5 Years

Get paid, even whilst the property is empty

0% Commission and monthly fees

Complete peace of mind

Automated rent payments, monthly in arrears

24 Hour maintenance team

Periodic Inspections

J Schwartz / Stamford Hill (30 properties with Finefair)

“Finefair provide a wonderful and hassle-free service. They are extremely professional and reliable, with a very helpful team. We highly recommend this agent to all landlords”

A. Giodmania / Plaistow (5 properties with Finefair)

“Wow, where to begin? Working with Finefair has truly been a breath of fresh air. It is really hard to fault their service, especially when you consider that the majority of their competition tend to treat you like just a number. I feel that in Finefair I have gained a real partner and this provides me true peace of mind.”

C Hart / Croydon (2 properties with Finefair)

“Great company, can't recommend them highly enough! My property was let quickly and extremely efficiently. A great option if you're considering renting out your property and looking for peace of mind with guaranteed rent.”

S. Kettlewell / Redbridge (1 property with Finefair)

“I am so glad I decided to go with Finefair. I had just recently inherited a house and didn't think it was best to sell it. Finefair's guaranteed rent scheme meant that I didn't have to lift a finger but still receive regular payments! Thanks to the team for helping me out, I couldn't be happier with the service. Friendly, organised and reliable”.

Property Management anywhere in London
Our service is available all across the capital, from the centre of the City to outer Boroughs. If you have a portfolio with properties in different areas, we can look after all of them.
0% commission & no management fees
Our property management service is absolutely free to Landlords & Investors if you choose us for guaranteed rent. As a result we don't charge you a penny throughout the term and keep up with all maintenance!
Keeping your properties in the best condition
Finefair Ltd has a skilful property maintenance team that can look after everything. As a result we take care of routine repairs, checks, inspections, and larger jobs too.
No viewing or tenants to deal with
When we manage your property, we deal with it all! Therefore you don't need to waste your time arranging viewings or appointments. We also check references and do all the paperwork for you
No void periods - get paid even while your property is vacant
While managing your property there may be periods when you don't have tenants. If you have chosen our guaranteed rent we will find new tenants for you and ensure the property is in a great condition.
Fast & reliable response
The reason we are the best for property management London has is we respond quickly to any needs. If the landlord needs information, we can provide it quickly. If the tenants need a repair, we can be there ASAP.
Periodic Inspections
The key to managing and maintaining properties is to inspect them on a regular basis to make sure the tenants are looking after them. We handle this as part of our flexible management service.
No hassle in relation to managing bills or council tax.
As part of the property management we can take care of any bills so there is no risk of an issue. For example we will ensure that council tax is paid and avoid arrears in utilities.
UK and overseas landlords or investors
We can support all landlords and investors, whether they live in the UK or overseas. Our knowledge of the UK laws and requirements means you have the perfect people on your side.
Flexible Management – for as long as like you like.
Our goal is to offer the most reliable property management in London for as long as you need it. If you choose it along with our guaranteed rent schemes, we can manage the property for the entire period.

Landlord & Investors' Preferred Choice For Property Management London.

Choosing Finefair to manage your portfolio can offer a wide range of benefits. For example we reduce the workload and give you the convenience of having a single team take care of all the properties. This will save you money, make management much easier, and also give you assurances that you receive a first rate service every time.

We are happy to manage properties in addition to offering our guaranteed rent schemes. This makes financial sense because we will be working to gain the optimal rent for you while also keeping the property in the best possible condition. With regular checks and professional maintenance, we reduce the risk of larger, more costly repairs. As a result we can keep your properties in the best condition for longer.

Another great benefit of choosing to work with us is we help you build a stronger relationship with tenants. We make sure they can always contact us to ask about the property and any maintenance problems. We will react quickly to requests and arrange repairs as soon as we can. This makes the tenants happier and means they are more likely to stay. It also means you should continue to get your rent smoothly each month. We can even handle collecting this for you, ensuring you get one payment per month for your whole portfolio.

We are proud to support landlords and investors from all over London, the UK, and around the world. If you have any troubles managing your assets or just want the assurance of a professional service, rely on us. We have an excellent reputation and always strive to offer the most reliable property management London has.

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