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Finefair Ltd offers the best possible level of service to ensure we are the perfect partner for landlords in London. Our services are very broad, including everything you could possible need and a little more. We have built a reputation as one of the most approachable private letting agents City of Westminster clients can work with. So, whether you need help setting everything up or need an ongoing service, rely on us.


Private Letting Agents City of WestminsterIt is a huge amount of work being a landlord. First you need to ensure that the property is suitable for people to live in. For example you need to get certification to ensure that the gas and electrics are safe. Then you need to decide if you want to offer the property with or without furniture. If you go for the former you need to buy it and take lots of pictures to document the condition before tenants arrive.

All of this is simply to get you ready for tenancy. In addition you need to take care of any legal requirements, including getting a license if your property is in a part of London that needs one. Then you need to find tenants, create tenancy agreements, take deposits, and start collecting rent.

Your job is still not over here though. Next you need to manage the property and ensure you stay on top of maintenance so your tenants are safe and happy. You also need to repeat the whole process again every time you get new tenants.

As you can see, there is a lot to do. Some property owners are ready and have the time to do everything. Others prefer to work with expert letting agents. We can offer the perfect helping hand here. Our services can handle all of the set up and day to day requirements of being a landlord. We even have experience with HMOs.

24 hour maintenance solutions

One of the things that place us alongside the best private letting agents City of Westminster landlords can work with is we will make sure help is available all round the clock. We work with expert tradespeople who can visit properties at any time to do any repairs or upgrades. This is important because it shows the tenants that we care. It can also help to prevent worse damage to a property.

Guaranteed rent

guaranteed rentWhile the private letting market can be fantastic, we can offer other options that can provide even more benefits. For example, we have experience with council leasing and work with local authorities across the capital. Here you can lease the property to the council and they will use it to house people who need social housing.

The rewards for council leasing are you don’t need to worry about finding tenants and you can enjoy guarantees on your rent. The latter means you get paid every month no matter what, even if there are no tenants.

Private letting agents in the City of Westminster

We are confident that our services stand out and give us the edge over our competition. If you want help from expert letting agents who can give you many different options and opportunities, we are the team for you. Simply call today and we can see how we can help you.