Permitted Developments City of Westminster

Finefair Ltd has always gone out of our way to help clients with their properties. In many instances, we find that there is a chance for you to alter your buildings to enhance the value and returns. You can do this in a number of ways, including splitting bigger structures into flats or a HMO and performing extensions. What you need to know here however is your rights. We can provide details on the rules for permitted developments City of Westminster has. This info can help you to explore the opportunities.

Understanding PDRs

Permitted developments City of WestminsterThese rights in particular are incredibly interesting pieces of legislature. They come from the UK Government and exist to allow property owners to make all sorts of changes to their buildings. This is without needing to deal with the hassle of planning permission. You will be able to save a fair amount of resources here. Not to mention, the rights minimise the level of admin to complete certain projects.

But, there are several details you need to remember here. For one thing, the permitted development rights (PDRs) are different in a number of ways. For example, you are able to do specific things depending on the type of property. There is a significant amount of freedom with detached homes because there is less risk that something like an extension will disturb the neighbours. Semi detached and terraces homes tend to have more restrictions. Commercial buildings also have their own rules to follow.

Additionally, there are all kinds of scenarios where PDRs are not going to apply. They might come from the Government, but local councils are able to remove the rights using Article 4 Directions. The City of Westminster has its fair share of these, including the removal of PDRs for basement development. It is always wise to check locally to see what the rules are for the area.

Protective measures

You may look at the permitted developments City of Westminster allows and see that you have certain opportunities. Even then, you could still require planning permission. You might find that there is a listing on your property. In this situation, you will discover additional protective layers. These maintain the heritage, character, and history of your building and mean you can’t freely make changes without permission.

It could also be the case that you own a property within a conservation area. The City of Westminster has 56 of them in its boundaries. Conservation areas come with their own unique protections too. So, you will normally have to apply for planning permission if you want to change your properties. You are not allowed to progress with a project unless you gain approval. Without it, it is likely illegal for you to extend, alter, or demolish a building.

Speak to us about permitted developments in the City of Westminster

Permitted DevelopmentsThe team at Finefair Ltd is well aware of the lucrative nature of many projects. Conversions, changes of use, renovations, and extensions add value to your properties. Of course, you must weigh up every cost. Checking your building regulations, planning policies, and rights is also vital. The last thing you want is to get a penalty for rushing in and making the changes.

Looking into the council’s rules before doing anything else is always the smart choice. You even have the option to arrange a pre-planning meeting with them. This shall give you the chance to consult with your local authority and see where everything stands.

If you are looking into the permitted developments City of Westminster allows, you can get help from our team. Plus, we have all kinds of helpful services, including guaranteed rent and property management. For more information on these, please contact us.