Permitted Developments Camden

Making changes to a property can be one of the best ways to increase the capital gains and rental yield. However, you need to ensure you can legally make the alterations. You may need to get planning permission for some of them. However, in some cases you can proceed without it because of PDRs. If you are looking at the permitted developments Camden council allows, the following advice should help.

Do you need permission?

The first place to start is deciding if you will need permission at all. There are plenty of permitted development rights (PDRs) direct from the Government. They give property owners more freedom to make certain changes to their assets. For example there may be rules to allow you to build an extension or convert a loft without needing to get permission. But, you should always check with the local authority even if you think you have the right to change a property.

Making changes to a home

Permitted Developments CamdenThere are different rules for all kinds of changes to a home. This includes simple things like changing doors and windows as well as more complex work like flat conversions and extensions. Your PDRs can let you add an extension without planning permission under the right conditions. For example, you can build one as long as it doesn’t take up too much land, it is to the rear of the property, and it will be a single storey.

Converting homes to flats is a very popular way to increase the rental yield of a property. However, this is not one of the permitted developments Camden allows. You will need to get planning permission to convert a house to flats or change the number of flats in a building.

Making changes to a business premises

There are also different rules for commercial properties. You will need planning permission for changes, including things like shop front alterations that change the appearance of the building. There can even be limitations on signage, canopies, and window grilles.

There is a lot of legislation for change of use too. Changing old commercial premises into housing is becoming more popular. However, you will likely need permission to make these changes. Even changing from one type of commercial use to another may need permission.


CamdenEven when PDRs exist and you can normally proceed without permission, you need to be careful. There could be things in place to remove or limit the rights. For example there may be Article 4 Directions. There are a number of these in Camden to protect the heritage of parts of the Borough and to control land use.

On top of this you need to check conservation areas. There are several of these in Camden, including Belsize, Primrose Hill, and Swiss Cottage. You will usually require planning permission for any kind of change to a building in these areas.

Even if you live outside of a conservation area, you may still have limits on your PDRs. The property itself may have a listing from Historic England. If so you will need planning permission for most changes.

Ask about permitted developments in Camden

One of the biggest benefits of working with us is we can help landlords and investors to boost their rental yields. Making changes to a property can help with this, including creating flats or HMOs. However, you need to ensure you can legally make a change. To do this you need to check PDRs, planning permission and whether you need building regulations approval.

Finefair Ltd would love to help clients here. We offer a full range of services and lots of useful resources. This can even include guaranteed rent and portfolio management as well as helping to make the changes.

So, if you are thinking about permitted developments, Camden has no better expert to talk to than us. Get in touch today to tell us more about your properties and what you have in mind. We will find the right service for you.