Investment Property Lewisham

Property investments are a lucrative business when you make the right decisions and invest wisely. At Finefair we specialise in working with investment property in Lewisham, Tower Hamlets, Newham and all other London boroughs, meaning that we are your first choice for expert advice, practical services and a whole host of other down to earth investor services.

We work with investors before, during and after they have made their investment. Our pre-auction service offers you the security of guaranteed rent before you buy, and we can identify properties you should be thinking about buying before you make the decision about what to do with your money.

Once you have a property or properties, we will continue to help you expand. An investor’s ability to create profit from their investments is determined by the current state of their portfolio. In order to keep your portfolio ahead of the game and performing well, we can provide regular reviews. Our knowledge of the London property market and ability to make predictions has proven greatly beneficial to our clients, helping them to unlock hidden value and fulfil the true potential of their portfolios.

We know each investor and investment company have different aims, so we approach every task in a fresh way, listening to our clients and communicating effectively to achieve the best results. Whether you want to sell the property on, change its purpose to increase the potential for profit, or rent it out to private tenants or businesses, we will help you to build the right connections and make the right choices so you can reach your goals.