Guaranteed Rent Monkhams

Our most popular service to date is our guaranteed rent scheme. As the leading provider poof guaranteed rent in London, we are confident that we can offer you the most outstanding service for your needs. When you take part, we will pay your rent rather than the tenant, meaning that you have complete assurance that the rent will always be paid in full and on time – even if the property is currently vacant.

We differ from other companies offering guaranteed rent in Monkhams because our offer is open to any kind of investor or landlord, anywhere in the UK. No matter where your property is, whether it is in an area of London such as Newbury Park, Snaresbrook or Redbridge, or even at the opposite end of the country, we can pay you a regular, reliable and convenient monthly payment, with no breaks even during times when the property is unoccupied or the tenants can’t pay. You’ll have the confidence of knowing that the money will arrive on time every month, no questions asked.

Not only does this scheme give you a guaranteed monthly income, it will also save you plenty of time as you are spared the hassle of paperwork, inspections, viewings and other management jobs. We will do them all and much more.

With the highest achievable rent combined with expert management tailored towards your unique requirements, Finefair is your first choice for guaranteed rent in Monkhams and beyond. Please get in touch now to discover more about guaranteed rent and how it can benefit you as an investor.