Block Management London

With our reputation as the leading property managers across the capital, we are equipped to take on even the most challenging or complex property management jobs with no problems. In addition to the expert handling of all matters relating to a single property, we provide the most comprehensive and professional services for block management London property owners and investors can access.

As nearly 50% of London’s population live in flats and apartments, investing in a block of flats has always been considered an advantageous long term investment in the city’s property market. Those who own such properties are, however, unlikely to have the time required to commit to successfully running and managing it. This is where our services come to the fore. We have the ability, knowledge and resources required to ensure you have the maximum level of management and maintenance with minimal stress, hassle or time.

When we are providing the block management, London property owners can be absolutely sure that they have every aspect covered. Although this is far from a comprehensive list, the services we provide include:

  •  Regular, routine and thorough inspections
  • All maintenance and repair requirements addressed
  • Complete and comprehensive account management
  • Tenant management
  • Facilitate AGM and Director Meetings
  •  Financial & Legal reporting

We do not, however, offer a standard service to all of our clients. We know that each property in London is unique, and that property owners have differing concerns and priorities. That’s why we offer completely bespoke packages of services to each and every one of our clients, depending on the type of property you own, its management requirements, the needs of your tenants, and other unique factors. With our attentive team managing your block, you can be sure that even the most challenging management jobs will be handled expertly.

At any given point in time, the value of the property assets we manage are in excess of a value of £500million. We are, for many, the single most trusted property experts working in London today.

The financial commitment you have made to your property portfolio means that you want nothing less than the best block management in London. With our world class level of service, you can always be certain that your property or properties will be fully managed and well taken care of.