Finefair iPhone XR 64GB Terms and Conditions

iPhone XR offer Terms and Conditions

  • Lease your property for a minimum term of 3 years (36 months), and you will receive a brand new Apple iPhone XR 64GB worth £749.
  • Offer starts 01/03/2019
  • Rent effective within 10 days from the management date (signing of the agreement) regardless of occupation. A contract must be signed with Finefair in order to qualify for the iPhone.
  • Subject to annual administration fee of £99.
  • Offer available to landlords who let a 2 Bedroom and 3 Bedroom, house or flat. This offer does not apply to any other properties, including HMO’s, Hostels, 4 Bedroom and 5 Bedroom Houses.
  • iPhone XR provided will be in Black.
  • Capped at one handset per property (even where the property has multiple owners), and no further iPhones are given where a subsequent property is given to Finefair.
  • New customers with new properties only
  • Not applicable to any lease renewals
  • This offer will end immediately in the unforeseen event that the phone is withdrawn from the market by Apple.
  • The offer will end on 30th June 2019 (30/06/2019). Finefair may choose to continue this promotion at its own discretion. All leases must be signed prior to the 30/06/2019.
  • Apple is not a participant in, or sponsor of this promotion.