Finefair iPhone XR 64GB Terms and Conditions

iPhone XR offer Terms and Conditions

  1. Lease your property for a minimum term of 3 years (36 months), and you will receive a brand new Apple iPhone XR worth £749.
  2. Offer starts 25/11/2018
  3. Rent effective within 10 days from the management date (signing of the agreement). A contract must be signed with Finefair in order to qualify for the iPhone.
  4. Offer available to landlords who let a 2 Bedroom and 3 Bedroom, house or flat. This offer does not apply to any other properties, including HMO’s, Hostels, 4 Bedroom and 5 Bedroom Houses.
  5. iPhone XR can be a colour of your choice (where available) with a maximum storage of 64GB
  6. No cash replacements available
  7. Capped at one handset per property (even where the property has multiple owners), and no further iPhones are given where a subsequent property is given to Finefair.
  8. New customers only
  9. This offer will end immediately in the unforeseen event that the phone is withdrawn from the market by Apple.
  10. The offer will end on January 31st. Finefair may choose to continue this promotion at its own discretion. All leases must be signed prior to the 31st January.