Managing a portfolio of London properties

If you’re lucky enough to have a portfolio of properties in Brent, Wandsworth, Southwark or any other area of London, then the potential for you to make money is enormous. From selling off certain investments, to lettings, to council leasing, there are so many options that you can choose to make a profit from your investment. However, managing a portfolio can be a tricky and potentially complex endeavour. You have to ensure that your properties maintain or increase in value, meaning that continuous maintenance and management is necessary. Dependant on whether you’ve let out certain properties, you may also find yourself having to take care of tenants’ needs as well.

Efficiently managing a portfolio can be a difficult task without professional help. Though most people who own a portfolio of properties will generally be veterans to the property market, additional help is often necessary. This is especially true if looking to expand your portfolio. With house prices in London continuing to grow, the right investment can give your portfolio additional value, but the wrong investment could end up costing you tens of thousands of pounds. Our experts can help identify the right property for you. We can also offer you a guaranteed rent contract upon purchasing the property, following which we’ll increase the property’s profit making potential by turning it into a HMO or refurbishing it in such a way to increase living space. We will then pay you rent on the first Friday of every month, ensuring that the property is filled with tenants. If you sign up your portfolio with us, you can also benefit from having a dedicated account manager, as well as being able to view your statements online, making us a good choice for investors living abroad who need to keep their finger on the pulse constantly when it comes to their properties.

Alternatively, you can benefit from our expertise in the property market by having your portfolio fully reviewed against the newest schemes available to use. We will do all we can to provide you with friendly advice to help you make the most out of your portfolio. We will identify any room for improvement and expansion and ensure that you are given maximum possible returns every year. If you so desire, we can even sign up your entire portfolio for our guaranteed rent scheme, leasing your properties to us for up to ten years where we will make it generate as much income as possible.

We understand that every portfolio is unique and that every investor has their own unique needs, from making the most profit to finding the right investment properties to boost their portfolio with. This is why we do not offer a generic plan or service, but services that are tailored to you and your exact needs. From portfolio management to guaranteed rent to acting as a lettings agent and finding the right tenants, you can depend on us to offer you the best service possible, catered entirely to your needs.