Why should I choose guaranteed rent?

We have an in depth understanding of the pressures and worries facing landlords, which is why we aim to remove the strain of owning rental properties with our fantastic guaranteed rent service. If you are concerned about receiving your rent on time and are looking for a solution, read on to find out why this could be the right choice for you.

For many landlords, the biggest fear is that they find themselves left with empty, unoccupied and thus unprofitable investment properties. This could lead to you being unable to cover mortgage payments or being left without an income, having a great impact on your life. We developed our reliable guaranteed rent schemes to ensure that landlords could always have money coming in, regardless of whether their properties are occupied or not. When you are taking part in our guaranteed rent scheme you will continue to see the money come in even if you don’t currently have a tenant, or if you have a tenant who is unable to pay their rent for any reason.

We will pay your rent at exactly the same time every month so you will always know exactly when they are going to arrive, leaving you free to plan for the financial future with no concerns about whether the money will actually be there or not.

There are many great advantages to be enjoyed when it comes to guaranteed rent. Not only will the stress and worry of missed rental payments be completely removed, but you will also know that your income will remain steady – you won’t face a dramatic loss in income from month to month and will have much more stability. We have provided guaranteed rent in Kingston Upon Thames and the rest of London for many years, for all types of clients, so contact us now and you could be receiving your first payments very soon.